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Options for WebHosts cPanel backup plugin


Options for WebHosts cPanel backup plugin

Servers can be unpredictable, hence your sites!

The website may break down for reasons such as incorrect file processing, authorization problems, website updates, etc. In all these scenarios a backup will be useful.

On CPanel servers, users use cPanel plug-ins for data backup, such as Cpremote, Jetbackup, R1soft and others.

At Bobcares we often receive requests from our customers to select the best backup plugin as part of our server management services.

Today, let’s discuss the options for the cPanel backup plugin and see how we recommend our backup solutions to our customers. Recommended you read cPanel Server Management.

Why do we need a backup plugin?

Before we go any further, let’s see why we need a backup plugin for the cPanel server.

Website owners often have problems with accidentally deleting files. And if one deleted file is critical, the whole site can collapse. Websites can also often experience virus attacks that damage pages. Finally, the fall of a hard drive can also lead to the loss of data.

It is clear that only reinforcement is useful in such disasters.

CP panel servers are equipped with an efficient backup option. It allows server administrators to make daily, weekly or monthly backups. You can also store them on external backup servers.

Okay, then why do we need the cPanel backup plugin?

The main advantages of the cPanel custom backup plugin are the following

  1. This minimizes the impact of the backup process on the server.
  2. Configurable user interface
  3. Multiple external backup sites
  4. Flexibility in managing backup tasks

Factors affecting the choice of the cPanel Backup Expansion Module

Now that we know the advantages of cPanel backup plugins, it is time to see which factors influence the choice of the plugin.

Unfortunately, it is possible that a backup plugin that works perfectly for one customer may not be suitable for another customer.

In addition, there is a wide range of cPanel backup plug-ins available. Some are open source, others work under a commercial license.

The most important factors that influence the choice of the plugin:

1. Type/size of contents

The types of sites that are important when choosing a backup plugin. A backup plugin that supports storing sites with too many images is not necessarily ideal for a simple WordPress site. The size of the content of the website also plays an important role.

2. Backup Server Location

Another factor that influences the choice of a backup plugin is the location of the backup. If you back up on the same server as the website, you do not need to back up the data on the network. Unfortunately, this is not the case if you are backing up Amazon S3 or a remote FTP server.

3. Spare frequency

Again, the frequency of backups affects the choice of the cPanel plugin for backups. If your sites change too often, we may need to follow a tighter backup schedule. Ideally, we should keep the time between backups to a minimum. In this case, our specialized engineers always recommend a plugin that uses less resources when making backups.


Advantages and disadvantages of cPanelHigh-Level Backup Plug-ins

We have just seen what factors we pay attention to when we offer cPanel backup plug-ins to our customers. Now it’s time to test the different backup plugins our customers use.

Based on our experience in server management, our support engineers see the pros and cons of each of the plug-ins. Let’s look at them in detail.

1. R1soft

One of the backup plugins our customers use is R1Soft Continuous Data Protection (CDP). It provides an easy and efficient way to back up and restore website files and MySQL databases to your server.

To configure R1soft, our specialized engineers connect to the server as root users and install the R1soft package. We then help our customers to store all data off-site using raid arrays in our backup data centre. Therefore, the data will be secure and retrievable at all times.

In addition, R1soft provides quick access to the user interface. Users can login to their cPanel account and click on the R1soft icon in the Software and Services window. Then login to the CDP server with your cPanel username and password.  The recovery procedure is quite simple. And the recovery interface looks like the one below.

Options for WebHosts cPanel backup plugin

Again the R1Soft CDP takes a snapshot for Linux. The screen shows the exact status of the file system. This may be a problem with MySQL databases.

Fortunately, the MySQL add-on in R1soft CDP uses a MySQL account with administrator rights. It is used by the Linux Agent for FLUSH TABLES WITH BLOCK READY before taking the file system snapshot. And the lockdown will remain in effect until the firing is complete.

In addition, based on our experience with server management, we have found problems with R1soft backups when the CDP agent is disabled. For CDP to work properly, the agent must be running on the server. In this case, we will keep the CDP officer under observation and restart him/her if this fails.

2. Fuse

Hosting providers who want to offer their customers tailor-made jet-backup solutions can be an option.

Jetbackup allows you to create too many backup jobs on the server. It can also support multiple backup destinations, such as remote server, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox, and so on. This helps to serve a wide range of customers using storage solutions.

On busy and understaffed servers, you can use Jetbackup to exclude certain accounts. This is how the intelligent account filters of Jetbackup benefit the owners of the servers.

Our experience shows that JetBackup supports low resource consumption during the backup process to keep the load on the server low. In addition, when actively setting process priorities, as in the case of JetBackup Ionics, the priorities of the backup process are changed.

However, this may affect the time required to complete the backup task. And the status of backup tasks is easily accessible in the WHM panel.

Options for WebHosts cPanel backup plugin

Jetbackup comes with a commercial license and can be integrated into common billing solutions such as WHMCS.

3. Akronis

Another variant of the cPanel backup plugin is Acronis. It is easy to integrate with most well-known control panels, including cPanel.

To protect your cPanel servers, all you have to do is download and install the Acronis plugin for cPanel, and then install the Backup Agent.

All Acronis backup management tasks can be easily performed from WHM. It is possible to enable or disable self-service rights for cPanel accounts. The privilege of self-service retrieval is useful if your customers are familiar with the technology. You can view backups and restore files, folders, databases, mailboxes, mail filters and mail forwarding.

Again, Acronis is a licensed product with multiple shadows, depending on the chosen set.

We just tested 3 options for backup plugins. Many other functions are available, with more user-friendly features.

Looking for the perfect cPanel backup plugin for your server? Our experts can help you].


In general, if you think of the cPanel backup plugin, there are many options. The right choice, however, depends on the server settings. Today we’ve seen the factors our support engineers take into account when selecting backup options, as well as the main options for backup plug-ins.acronis backup cpanel,cpanel library

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