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DIGITAL MARKETING The Best Online Advertising Channels

What do we mean by “online advertising”?

Internet advertising and online advertising are one and the same. Whatever term you choose to call it, online advertising is a vital asset for consumer advertising on the web.

Today, if you want to gain traction in the digital marketplace, the best online advertising channels must be part of your marketing plan.

There is no single answer to the question of which sites offer the best opportunities for online advertising. The best platform for your brand will depend on your products, the audience you want to attract, and other factors.

You can find online advertisements on virtually any digital platform today.

But if you’re still struggling to choose the best online advertising platform for you, consider some of the options below:

The best online advertising channels for your business

1. Facebook

Facebook is so ubiquitous that the company claims that one in five minutes spent on a mobile is either there or on its sister site, Instagram. About two billion people log on to Facebook every month.

While the network is touted as a way to stay in touch with family and friends, a large number of Facebook users follow and interact with brands on the site.

With constantly changing algorithms, it can be difficult to get organic traffic on Facebook. This is where online ads or paid advertising can help. Paying to be placed on the platform allows you to be in front of more people, and to be in front of the ones you want.

Paid ads come in different forms. Ads, for example, look like regular posts on your Facebook page, but are more likely to appear in a user’s feed. Ads can also be inserted into the feed as videos, slideshows, or photos. You can even advertise in the standalone Messenger app …

Currently, Facebook is expanding the search ads test. According to Marketing Land, more and more marketers are now seeing the “Search” option among the choices where they want their Facebook ads to run. However, Facebook itself says it is still testing whether this new ad placement will benefit both users and businesses. For now, this option is therefore only available to a few selected advertisers in the e-commerce, automotive and retail sectors.

Facebook allows for an extremely high degree of market segmentation and targeting. While it can be difficult to navigate without a solid technical skill set, this feature can save you a lot of money by avoiding unnecessary clicks.

Along with all the advantages of advertising on Facebook, there are a few drawbacks as well. Changes in organic visibility mean more people are competing for paid advertising space. This can increase costs and make your ads harder to stand out. The company has also changed the way it handles ads that directly invite engagement with phrases like “click here” or “join us now”. While a call to action is recognized as a powerful tool, it can hurt you if you advertise on Facebook.

As with any platform, you will need to experiment and track your success to see if this is the best online advertising option for you.

2. Instagram

Instagram, owned by Facebook, gives you access to a massive audience. The app has 500 million users who open Instagram every day. While it’s a much smaller user base than Facebook, it’s also a site with a high concentration of people from a desirable population. The audience for this app tends towards the coveted Millenium and Gen Z age groups.

Instagram is a visually appealing platform. If your products lend themselves well to photos and videos, it can be a great and engaging place to get interaction. The platform allows you to add your business address and phone number to all messages, which means prospects can reach you more easily.

Some reviewers claim that the information they can get from Instagram about who clicks on their ads and the behavior of those customers is scarce. If you are looking for more detailed reports, the ones provided by Instagram may make you want to know more. You can also only access the full features of Instagram in its mobile app. This can be a downside if you prefer to run your business from an office environment.

However, if you are very mobile, using this site will seem intuitive to you. As most smartphones now come with high-quality cameras and even editing hardware, you can even create a complete and professional ad campaign right from your phone.

3. Snapchat

Snapchat has been a force to be reckoned with since the emergence of the ephemeral social media platform in 2011. When they added paid advertising in 2014, a wide range of brands have embarked on the journey to take advantage of the new opportunities available to them.

Snapchat offers three different types of advertising:

  • Geofilters, an excellent tool for brand recognition. These filters place a transparent filter on the user’s click.
  • Sponsored lenses, which are interactive filters that Snapchat users can add to a video or photo. The lenses are activated by gestures, such as raising an eyebrow or tapping on the screen.
  • Snap Ad Videos. These are the first advertising videos to be delivered in a native vertical format that takes advantage of the app’s mobile environment.
    The best online advertising

While some Snapchat ads are self-service, others require the participation of a Snapchat representative. Some advertisers may find that the reach they want to achieve is prohibitive in terms of cost. Work on filtering to eliminate those who are unlikely to buy while putting your ads in front of those prospects who are most likely to convert. If Snapchat’s audience is the right one for you, you might find it’s the best online advertising outlet for you.

4. Google ads

To get the best online advertising experience on Google Ads, you will need some technical expertise from an online marketing consultant. Many advertisers find the offers on this site counterintuitive; however, once you understand its many features, it may be the best online advertising option for brands in many niches.

Google Ads shows online ads in search results on thousands of web pages. Some of the benefits of Google Ads include targeting your ads based on geography, demographics, and other criteria.

One of the problems many people have with Google Ads is that they find it too feature rich. The interface can be overwhelming the first time you look at it. However, if you take the time to use their tutorials, you can quickly learn more about this powerful tool.

Another downside to this experience is that an ad campaign can get very expensive, very quickly if you’re not careful. Without the right controls, you can charge for many unnecessary clicks within hours.

To keep costs under control, set daily budgets and target them carefully. Review campaigns often. This platform requires a lot of practical interactions. However, it can be the best online advertising option once you’ve learned how to harness its power.

5. Google Display Ads

While many people only think of text ads from Google, the search engine giant also has a very powerful Display Network. Display ads don’t appear in searches. They are featured on websites all over the Internet on a wide variety of subjects. Google says its ad network reaches 90% of Internet users and is displayed on two million websites.

Most people have seen Google Display ads whether they realize it or not. These ads appear as banners or small sidebars on sites that promote products or services. Often times, they relate to articles you purchased online or to content on the site you are reading.

Some experts claim that Google Display Ads may not get your product in front of users at the optimal time. The people who see your ads online are not currently making purchases. They usually read news, watch videos, or engage in some other activity. However, exposure at this time can be helpful in building a relationship later. Most marketers agree that it takes many touches before a customer feels familiar enough with a brand to buy.

One big advantage is that you can get your ad to people without paying for it. As with Google ads, posting is pay per click. So a user can see your ad, not click, but search for you later.

Due to the nature of the Display Network, it is one of the best online advertising choices for remarketing. By using targeting tools to get your ads in front of people who have already expressed an interest in products like yours, you can increase the chances of getting a sale.

6. Bing

When people think of search marketing, they usually only think of Google ads. This can be a downside, as Microsoft’s Bing search engine has a lot to offer.

According to Microsoft, Bing accounts for 33.5% of all searches performed in the United States. Every month, five billion searches are performed on Bing. This audience includes 68 million people who are not reached by advertisers who only promote Google products.

Bing aims to make search advertising as easy as possible for its customers. Their import tool allows you to enter your campaigns from Google Ads. This can be a huge time saver if you’ve spent a lot of time researching the perfect targeting on your online ads.

They also have a wide range of educational tools to help people familiarize themselves with the network. The Bing Ads Accredited Professional certification program gives you in-depth knowledge of the network. You can also watch their educational library’s webcasts on the topics that interest you most.

Bing can provide access to customers that many of your competitors may be overlooking. If you’re advertising on a site that your audience uses but your competition doesn’t, it gives you a chance to grab attention.

Users of Bing advertising say they like the transparency and control offered when dealing with search partners like You can see what the clicks cost on each site. You can also eliminate partners that you find too expensive for the results they provide.

Although every campaign is different, it is proven that advertising on Bing is much cheaper for similar campaigns. This can be an advantage for smaller brands that have smaller budgets. It can also be a valuable resource when you’re testing out a new idea and not ready to commit to a large, paid marketing budget.

However, it is impossible to get around the fact that this is a much smaller ad network than the one offered by Google. Experiment with campaigns and see how much you spend on each customer acquisition. This is the only way to know if you should advertise on Google, Bing, or both.


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