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Decoding Server Hosting


For the recent years, the internet has been a silo of multiple structures that has been the ultimate resource for information and services. Various contents are available online ranging from the simple text, to the intricate graphics and the multimedia zone. But this content would not be possible without the existence of servers, the host that provides the allocated space for the online community to gain access in.

Most websites, applications, and online servers, or virtually all content accessible online use shared servers where a single server is partitioned to be utilized by a number of customers. This is ideally for websites and applications which do not require high server resources and does not have a large traffic or much online transactions. But for those that require a higher performance and more server resources, then the best option would be a dedicated server.

Dedicated server hosting utilize a dedicated hosting server. This basically means that a single server is exclusively utilized by one customer and all its resources are focused on its intended use as a dedicated host. This dedicated hosting solution should not be confused with dedicated web hosting.

A dedicated web server is only one of the many uses offered by a dedicated hosting service. Aside from dedicated web server hosting, dedicated hosting services also provide application hosting. Whereas dedicated server web hosting pertains more to the content of a website and the services they offer online, web application hosting is more about the delivery of a software application through the internet to be used by companies.

There are two main options when it comes to a dedicated server, and that is the unmanaged servers and the managed servers.

Managed dedicated servers are a form of extra service included in a package wherein the service provider assumes the responsibility of managing the administration of the dedicated managed server.

Managed hosting or managed dedicated hosting is a well sought after managed hosting solution because of its reputation as a fast hosting and secure hosting service. The managed server has the highest level of plans and packages and offers the most convenience.

Managed hosting services are basically provided exclusively to dedicated hosting services which in turn is also offered in two operating system choices, the Windows dedicated server, and the Linux dedicated server.

While the server hosting industry still debates over the two OS choices to decide which the best dedicated server is, many agree that Linux dedicated server hosting is the better choice for a cheap dedicated server.

To learn more about the different managed hosting services, such as managed web hosting, it is best to read more about the different options that you can have as a customer and see whether it is indeed the ideal server hosting choice for you.

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